60 mins  |  $200

- Evaluate your systems 
- Build habits and accountability
- Find the magic in your work 
- Move from burnout and exhaustion and into motivation and motion 
- After our session, you receive a list of 10 resources and research rabbit holes to explore and dive into.


How to find and connect with awesome people
How to build routines and habits
How to ask for what you want in a generous way
How to ask better questions
Choosing the right goals
Creating a life that feels abundant and joyful
How to talk about your work in an innovative, creative way
How to figure out what you want and tell people about it
Building an online course 
Deciding on your next step
How to add better tools in your toolbox
Building community around your work
Finding magic in your work


Brian Wittenberg

Carly is the perfect person to help you find clarity and generate ideas. During our session, Carly asked me questions and prompted me to strengthen the impact of my ideas and approach my project with specificity and intention. She creates a collaborative and generative space that encourages endless possibilities, and as an added bonus, she is one of the kindest and most supportive collaborators I have ever worked with! Carly is full of brilliant inspiration and will cheer you on every step of the way.

Jessica Lorion

Lacking inspiration? Feeling stuck? OR Just need a boost of joyful/positive energy? I left pumped up, invigorated to take action and get those wheels spinning! What a breath of fresh air! 


Are you feeling stuck in not knowing who to connect with? Are you wanting to find or build your idea but are lacking accountability, direction, and new perspective? Are you muscling through every decision or feeling like your wheels are spinning with absolutely no traction? Are you experiencing burnout and cannot find your motivation?

I can help you distill complex ideas, take action, design a manageable plan, connect you to the right people, and create simple, non-overwhelming steps in the direction you want to go.

building atomic movement