hi, i'm

I like                                  &

making things

meeting people.

here are some of the ways i do that.


I write a blog called a good omen, about a more intentional, unique way to approach connecting with others. We’re always mixing and changing. Words, thoughts, people change us. There's nothing that makes me happier than the idea that my thoughts could mix with yours in this way. 


I reached out to one new person every day for 520 days (before I became less insane, stopped counting, and slowed down). This simple idea led me to start the                                            , a community dedicated to helping others develop a networking practice that feels authentic and actually helps achieve their goals.


I am a storyteller with good taste. I like to roll up my sleeves and build brands, products, and communities people care about. My focus is with mission driven organizations, typically in education and mental health. 

I started my career as a performer on all kinds of stages— from barns to Broadway. Since then, I’ve been a marketer, community builder, founder, sketch comedy writer, wedding singer, course creator, and horoscope writer        

& there’s nothing I believe in more than the way each person you meet leads you to                     


the next.